Sunday, 20 February 2011

Hey, hey, hey, Snowflake,

My pretty little snowflake…
Last year I made my aunt a pair of gloves for Christmas, in cream and teal cashmere/silk yarn. She has fairly large hands, and I had to use just a little of a second ball of each color. My hands are significantly smaller, so I figured I could get a pair of gloves for myself out of the leftovers. And I looked at the colors, and could picture snowflakes, drifting down, lacy and soft. The cuff got swatched and ripped out a few times, I covered half a sheet of graph paper with pattern possibilities…and then it got passed over for a while in favour of more immediate things, like thesis writing and defense, a couple baby showers, fall Fairs, and Christmas gifts. But I promised myself I would get back to it, and I did, and it’s even still cold enough that I can wear them for a month or so. It never would have happened if not for electronic graph paper, though. Don’t know why I never set it up before.
I am terribly happy with my Snowflake gloves, if I do say so. I had thought white snowflakes on blue, but since I had more white, I used that as background, and I like it. And I was worried that the long floats would affect the texture, but blocking evened that out. I even made the pinky sit a bit lower than the rest of the fingers, as that’s what my hands do, and the result is a very nicely fitted glove. The draft of the pattern is written, even, and as soon as I get a few people to test it, I’m going to publish it. Because they’re just that pretty.

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