Friday, 21 October 2011

Coming soon - Pastoral

I've been working on the pattern for the mitts I designed last year for my fleece donor, Kim - the ones with sheep and flowers on them.

A second pair was done later for someone else in a larger gauge but a smaller size. So the pattern will have two different graphs, and combined with adjusting gauge, should make it possible to get a wide range of sizes. I knit a 3rd pair as a sample/test, just finished the other day. Large graph and small needles means these mitts are too small for me, but I'm sure they will find a home at some point.

I've got a friend testing the pattern also, so hopefully that will catch any major errors or lack of clarity, and I will be able to get the pattern up within the next few weeks. Looking forward to seeing her version. I've been doing all green backgrounds, but she said she may try one with navy blue. And now I'm thinking it could be interesting in natural undyed shades too - well, maybe someone will try that at some point. Right now, cute as they are, I'm not sure I want to make a fourth pair just to try playing with the colors...

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