Friday, 26 October 2012

Little Things

All three midterms done! One quiz this afternoon, and one Monday, but the crunch for school is over, and I can focus on getting stuff done for Garden Club, and for the OVWSG Ex and Sale, only a week away...

I'm very glad the crunch is over. I can remember important things, like what to study and when to show up, and getting assignments done - but apparently food is not on the 'important' list. There have been a couple things this week where something really obvious has slipped my mind. Yesterday it was lunch. Had a snack at school around 10:30, figuring with lab scheduled 11-2, the best thing was to have lunch after I got home. Well, I finished the lab, went to the library to print some stuff, came home, had tea, and worked until 8, had supper - and couldn't figure out why I was so hungry, until I realized that I hadn't eaten since my 10:30 snack.

But better yet was Wednesday. I made my tea that morning, as usual, but all the milk curdled when I put it in. Puzzling, since the milk was fine the night before, but certainly not a drinkable cup of tea. So I muttered, dumped the milk and the ruined tea down the sink, found a packet of green tea, and made a cup with the still-hot water left in the kettle. Took one sip - and it was awful! Since the tea had been around for a while, in sealed packets, I thought it had gone bad somehow, and I felt terrible that I'd given a cup to my mother for her trip home on Sunday. One of the guys at school is big into tea, and he said green tea can go off. Anyway, I gave the tea up as a bad job, threw out the remaining green teabags, bought a cup at school, and picked up fresh milk after class. I was so anticipating a proper cup of tea by then. Poured the milk in - and it curdled again!

It was at this point that I realized that the night before, I had set the kettle to descale, and had completely forgotten about it overnight. What was responsible for the milk curdling and the horrible green tea was the fact that I had actually been using vinegar water to make my tea. Three cups of tea ruined, and half a carton of milk and a box of green tea dumped, which were probably perfectly fine, because I forgot about the little fact of the descaling... Some days I wonder why they let me out without a keeper.

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