Friday, 14 December 2012

2012 Stashdown: Year in Review.

Back in January, I signed up for a local 12in2012 stashdown. Now we're getting down to the end of the year (Already? What's up with that?), and the call is out for us to tally our results. So I went and hunted out my original list to compare with what actually happened.

1: Myrosia's scarf. Currently at 3 feet long, it will probably be my first complete project of the KAL.
Another week, and she will be able to wear it this winter. Completed.
2: My gold Pamina socks. About 3/4 done. Completed.
3: My Autumn Rose sweater, which I had hoped to finish last spring. It's been on hold, but maybe it will be done for THIS spring. Fail. Didn't even touch it.

Stash Projects:
4 and 5: A lace shawl and a lace scarf from Joanne's cria. She didn't think she could do justice to her share of the spun yarn, so she requested that I make something. Completed, and greatly appreciated.
6: The lace shawl from my handspun for the Guild challenge. I got the stitch patterns figured out, I just need to do some math. May knit a sample scarf first (I've some laceweight alpaca in stash), so I could get two projects out of this. Completed, as a triangular shawlette.
7: A textured stripe cardigan/jacket in Briggs and Little I got from a destash. Pattern is called Marsh, it's in a magazine I have but not on Rav yet. Maybe I can enter it when I get to needing it. Fail. Forgot all about it, in fact. I think I found another possible pattern for the yarn, too.
8: Socks in the grey alpaca I bought at Rhinebeck year before last. Pattern "Alpha" in last winter's Interweave Knits. Fail. Got part of one sock done, then it got pushed aside.
9: More handspun - the Borealis sweater in my peacock 3-ply. Someone I know made the sweater, and it looked so good I went to find the pattern. It's a bulky weight cowl-necked fitted tunic sort of sweater, and ought to go comparatively fast. Completed and loved. Required more math than I expected, since my yarn was about half the weight of the original. 

So 6 out of 9 of my originally planned projects got done - but when I started going over my projects on Rav, I found another 10 this year that count as stash-down, which means I did theoretically destash a fair amount of yarn - and most of the FOs went to other people. Why the stash doesn't look noticeably smaller is a mystery. I swear I didn't buy too much this year. Maybe it really does breed when you're not looking.

The word is that we may do a 13in2013 next year. I am so in.

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