Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Gloves and Gardening

I'm still in what a friend referred to as 'alpaca purgatory', knitting-wise. Which is to say that I'm still knitting beige and brown alpaca for Johanne. Two pair of gloves blocked on my day off yesterday, and right now I've got a hat on the needles that has the same pattern as the beige pair.

Don't think I spent all of my day off playing with yarn, though! It was decent weather, so I was out in the garden for part of it. A friend from class dropped by in the afternoon with some spare plants she had started - a yellow pepper, an eggplant, and a couple parsley. I traded her a slip from the gooseberry bush and one from the currant bush. With rain expected a few days this week, I got the new plants in the ground, plus did a bit of edging and pruning, and picked up the grass clippings for the compost. The lettuce and the beets are up in the veg patch, the beans are just coming up, and possibly the carrots - only it's hard to tell those from weeds until the second set of leaves come in!

I also spent more time than I'd like squishing green worms on the roses. Sigh. That time of year again. The buds are filling out nicely, though, and if we have good weather, I may even have my first rose out this week!

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