Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Ever get that feeling when you want to start something (like a knitting project), but no clear picture of what, exactly?

Yeah. I've got about 10 days to do 2 Christmas gift projects, and I pretty much wasted all of yesterday trying to start one. I know it will be a shawl, and with some dark brown Malabrigo fingering that was gifted to me. And I want to do it in the shallow crescent shape that's popular. Couldn't find a pattern that really spoke to me, tried starting about half a dozen times with various edging patterns to do my own thing, looked through all my stitch dictionaries...ripped out again, thought I might print something today before class rather than winging it...then ran across the Oslo Walk shawl in the only Interweave mag. I have at the apt, and decided to do that one, but in fingering and without the beads. Maybe. I might still print something today, just in case. But Oslo is cast on, and I'm telling myself to quit dithering and JUST PICK SOMETHING.

I tried to start the second Christmas project while I was debating about the shawl. Gloves. Three possible yarn options after stash diving, two of which would require dyeing to get to a colour the recipient would like, the third is fixed as to colour and pattern since I had one glove half-done and sitting around. Restarted that glove, wondered if that pattern was really the best choice for the recipient, put it down...This time I put the onus on her - emailed the fiber options and said 'Pick one'. That way I know it'll be an OK choice.

Now to the next stage of dithering...which homework assignment do I work on this morning? Xeriscape design, business plan, HR research? All that's coming down to the wire too - next week is the last week of school already. Hopefully I'm done for good, this time!

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