Tuesday, 24 June 2014


So...has anyone noticed it's a little wet out today? I sure did, because I was out working in it. And after the four-hour job my co-worker and I had this morning, (during which we got soaked, rain jacket and all), we bargained for a half-day off. It's not good to be in gardens, compacting the soil, on such a wet day anyway. We'll have to work our asses off for the rest of the week to make up for lost time - but at least said asses will probably be dry apart from the sweat. Right now every item of clothing I had on this morning, from undies to rain jacket, is hanging up drying, and my boots are under the fan, and stuffed with newspaper, which will get changed a few times tonight, to help dry out the insides. I need them wearably dry for tomorrow - and steel-toed boots can't readily be tossed in the clothes-dryer.

Ah, well. Now I'm dry, it's nice to have the afternoon off. With cocoa and popcorn for a belated lunch, plans to make chocolate chip cookies later for a work BBQ tomorrow, and a chance to sit on the couch and knit on some gloves-in-progress, and no need to go water the plants outside!

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