Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Quilt Square 2016

When I did the square last year for a local quilting group's fundraiser at the fair, it was 'easy' fabrics. That is, the fabrics supplied were nice blues, one solid and one print, and it was easy to find fabrics to match with them for the square.

This year's are a little more challenging, and it will be interesting to see what everyone else produces, in their choice of colour and pattern. Because we got two prints, and one is a little...intense. The other one is uber-neutral, almost washed out. I'm betting someone destashed those because they had no idea what to do with them. The orange one, certainly - I'm not sure why anyone would have bought a large piece of it, or what they would have planned to do with it.

Both my mother and I decided we wanted to tone it down a little, and anyway, the only orange material in stash was too red to work with the colour on the large print. After a little hemming and hawing, and a rummage through the cupboards, we decided on similar-but-not-identical additions. A blue-black to match the large print, plus a colour that picks up one of the shades where other colours mix; olive in her case, burgundy-rust in mine.

The flowers on my orange-print square were centred enough that I thought it might be nice to try and keep them as a centre motif, so I looked for a pattern that would be fairly simple and have a large central piece. And I found this one:

Black for the corners, beige and red for the triangles, and the orange stuff for the centre. I think it'll work. Now to draft the pieces.

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