Monday, 20 June 2011

3 Days of Fiber

Knitting, spinning, etc in public is, I think very important. We are gradually training the various restaurants and coffeeshops in the city, as well as the general public, to regard packs (well, skeins, I think) of fiber folks as normal. All part of the eventual plan to take over the world. This weekend’s plans were all about that.
The weather having finally turned into a decent summer-y state, our Friday spinning days are now established at a lovely spot in a park near the Ottawa river. We have a waterfall, shade and sun as desired, and the chance to see radio-controlled sailboats nearby. It rained a little in the morning this time, so we took refuge in one of the pavilions.

This gave us not only a lot of people coming in to chat, but a lovely view of a Tai Chi group in the morning and a wedding in the afternoon, in addition to the view of the river.

 I also bought yarn – one of the spinners recycles yarn (unraveling thrifted sweaters) – with the aim of a cashmere sweater for Jen for a going-away present. I bought a little extra too, just so the remaining white cashmere wouldn’t miss its friends.
This past Friday also being the third one of the month, the spinning was followed by a knit-out at the Bridgehead, with a spot of supper (Thai) sandwiched in between.
Saturday was WWKIP day (world-wide knit in public) at Confederation park, right downtown. The Franco-Ontarien festival was going on across the way, so we had music too. I succumbed to temptation and bought myself a poutine for lunch rather than eat what I had packed.  (I’m spending more than usual lately, it seems. Must be the prospect of a salary.) I cast on another sweater for myself at WWKIP. It’s the February Fitted Pullover, and the yarn is my blue (indigo and logwood) handspun from this winter. I’m very excited, as it’s my first big project with my handspun. 
Sunday: the usual knitting thing, chez Raw Sugar. Quiet day though, only two of us, presumably due to it being a gorgeous day and Father’s Day weekend. So we had a leisurely sit and knit, and I had iced tea – homemade jasmine green and lemon, which is lovely.

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