Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Change of Pace

I got a job offer the other week from the Government, for a temporary 4-month position, a 3:30 to 11:30 pm shift. Of course I accepted right away – Government pays well, and after living mostly on my savings for a year, an income is a nice thought, eh?
It’s a bit sad though, because as a student and then job-hunting, the schedule has been pretty flexible. And this afternoon/evening shift is going to screw up so much of my social life, as the 4 months covers the busiest time of year for me. No more week-night knit outs. I’ll miss a couple Guild meetings in the fall, too. No house-sitting and spending a week berry-picking while Mom’s out road-tripping. The agricultural fairs will be coming, and I won’t be able to bring flowers or baking this year (for the first time in years – I’ve been entering those since elementary school), because that always gets done the Thursday and/or Friday and I won’t be at the parents’ to do it. And no trip to Rhinebeck for the Sheep and Wool Festival this year, since we have been in the habit of leaving the Friday morning early, and getting half a day of touring in at local historical sites besides the two days of fiber-y fun.
I know, it’s none of it crucial, and it’s only for this one year. But dang!  

OK, that's it, I'm finished grousing. Tonight is convocation, so since I have to go, I've got my nails painted for the first time in a while (lapis/garnet iridescent, now let's see if I can keep it intact), and maybe I'll wear my new sweater, if the weather isn't warm enough for a dress. The sweater is the one I wanted to finish for my cousin's wedding - well that was a warm day, and the sweater got done the day after. 

And I have to decide what project would be small and unobtrusive enough to bring if I start nodding during the ceremony. The Ph.Ds go first, and have to sit onstage for the rest of the time, and I have a tendency to fall asleep if I'm sitting idle - like a computer screensaver, kinda.

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