Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Farewell

I remember one the old names for asters was 'farewell-summers'. Of a sudden, they are out in all their glory, and the bees are scrambling all over them, and over the Autumn Joy sedum, and any other flowers they can find, storing up a last bit of their harvest before the cold.

And cold it is getting. Not today, it was beautiful. But more than once the past week the wind has been decidedly chill, even on a sunny day. It was sufficiently cold to see my breath one night, so I covered the tomatoes, to be on the safe side. More covering required for the human also - my duvet has been unfolded and in use for a few nights.

I am sure that there are many nice days ahead before winter, crisp fall days with bright sun, scented with fallen apples and dried leaves. But the asters have hit the mark. Farewell summer - not good-bye, but au revoir, until we see you next year.

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