Thursday, 8 September 2011

Little Things

While I've been taking the sweater in progress about and working on it, I've been squeezing a few little things in on the side.
Saw some cute scrap yarn crocheted coasters at our hostess' when we were indigo dyeing the other week, and had to try working that out - such a great use for odds and ends. Mine are a variegated handspun so they look scrappier than they are, and I crocheted two layers together back to back. Serious fun and the perfect mindless thing to do watching TV or chatting.

Then I knitted two cup cozies for a girl at work to choose from; this one, and a purple one with a braided cable wrapped around, which she chose.

And I remembered I have to get some bits done for making cards for the Guild Sale in the fall. The cards have been here all summer, and I haven't touched them. So I did a bit of entrelac with plant-dyed handspun scraps (bedstraw, nettle, and onion), and a bit of tatting.

Rather fun having such a variety. There's two cards left, so perhaps some felting is in order...

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