Friday, 19 April 2013

Cleaning Up

Last week before exams this week, so there's been some academic cleaning up as well as physical. The business plan / Dragon's Den group project for English class was last week, and this week we got the results. Our group won for the afternoon section! The prof went and acquired some Dragon's Den stuff for prizes, even.

In our indoor and green roof class Wednesday, there were more prizes. The prof decided that rather than doing a plain old review before the exam, we would play a custom version of 'Jeopardy'. And because she's like that, she brought plants for prizes for everyone - the winning team just got first pick. So I have a new plant, a Dracaena marginata. Think spiky grassy clump like a yucca, but green with pink edges. I took a little time that afternoon and did a bit of garden clean-up here instead of working on my design project - hard to resist when the weather's nice. The scilla and crocuses are out here, and crocuses and tiny irises in the beds at school.

Construction class yesterday had no prizes, though - except that the rain stopped. That was good, because our job for the day was to clean out the leaves and debris in and around the pond and stream out back. Mucky and smelly work for the most part, but with a little added interest when we found what we think was a dragonfly larva in the mud.

Today ought to be interesting. The second-years have organized a Horticulture Olympics and BBQ, with us against them for the Olympics. Not sure how much use I'll be at something like wheelbarrow races unless we need someone lightweight riding in the wheelbarrow, but if there's ID or anything intellectual, I might stand a chance.

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