Saturday, 27 April 2013

Free Time

Finished exams - yay! - as of about 10:30 yesterday morning. Nice to be done, but a little sad too. One of the teachers is retiring - he announced it right before our exam, and made a nice little speech. I get emotional easily, and I have to admit that I sniffled my way through the exam, and left a couple water-spots on it! A couple more of the profs won't be back until next winter, so we won't see them again, plus there are all the class-mates who I likely won't see for months. 

It feels a little disorienting to not have homework! And since I don't start my co-op job full-time until Tuesday, I am looking forward to having a couple days to immerse myself in the fiber-y things that have been neglected lately. This afternoon I'm at L'Ourse Qui Danse, to teach a spinning class, and deliver to Johanne the only piece I've managed to get done for her this month - the semi-circle shawl I was working on. I found a nice border in a book on Orenburg lace from the Guild library, and it worked out well, I think, with only a little bundle of yarn left over.

I have to admit I'm not comfortable with teaching yet, especially since I strongly suspect this batch is all francophone, but at the moment I'm the only spinner associated with L'Ourse Qui Danse, and it's all good practice for me, in teaching and the sort of customer service end of things.

Tonight, I may do some spinning of my own, and some work on a pair of gloves with twisted-stitch patterns I started this week. Tomorrow, since the weather's supposed to be decent, I'm going to sit outside and pick some llama. About time I got to it, since they're almost ready to shear again! 

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