Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Country Weekend, By The Numbers

Monday and Tuesday were the 'weekend' for me, out to the parents' with the cat. What does a couple days out there look like this time of year? Well, I didn't even get around to unpacking my camera, but it shaped up kind of like this:

Number of -

thunderstorms rolling through over two days: 3
loads of wash that nevertheless got done and dried on the clothesline: 4
dye baths cooked up: 6
skeins of yarn dyed: 15
   (the ones still damp are currently hanging in my bathtub)

baby chicks to check out: 32
bunches of catnip to hang for drying: 3
wild strawberries picked and eaten in homemade shortcake: 1 cup
mosquito bites sustained while picking: about 24 per ankle
      (bare feet in clogs not the best idea, even if it was bloody hot)
garlic scapes harvested and currently residing in my fridge: 125
bouquets picked for taking to the city:2
meals with wood-barbecued meat: 3
meals with salad and snow peas from the garden: 2
spinning projects packed: 2
yards of yarn spun: 0
      (I always overestimate the amount of work I'll get done in a couple days...)
mittens knitted: 1

mittens delivered to Johanne: 1 pair
times my cat came indoors over the two days: 4
     (and stayed in for maybe 5 minutes each time)

In other words, a great time was had by all. Now it's countdown to Tour de Fleece next weekend, and St. Anicet Festival in mid-July...

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