Sunday, 30 June 2013

On Tour

Can you believe it? The yarn I dyed last Tuesday finished drying today. That's how damp the weather's been. Well, that's done, now on to the next project...

The Tour de France/Tour de Fleece started yesterday. As always, my start stash is perhaps a little overambitious.

Especially considering that both yesterday and today, my daily work accomplished was 5 rolags carded and spun, and a couple feet of pencil roving spindle-spun. My progress pictures for days that I work are going to have the enthralling slow-motion action of a kids' flip book.
Day 1:

Day 2:

Still, I've got Canada Day and the next day off, and I'm figuring I should be able to speed up the results a little for those two days...between catching up with gardening and such.

Oh yes, and the baby birds at work have feathered out and fledged already. They seem to have left the nest Friday or so. I kept an eye on it yesterday and this morning, and when no-one came back, I moved the nest out so the mother isn't tempted to start a second brood in the same place. A bit of a weight off my mind, not having to watch and make sure no-one started messing around too much with the stuff on that shelf of the rack.

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