Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year, New Look...

...not for me, though! I'm perfectly happy with what I've got in that field. Nope, it's my apartment that's getting the going-over, as a New Year's Resolution and a present to myself.

It's just way too easy, especially if you're busy, to let things slide. And I do let them slide, sadly. Result? There are corners in my place that haven't had a proper cleaning and sorting since I moved in a decade ago. It bugs me, but the sorting out hasn't been a priority. I KNOW there are papers and school notes under my bed from college and undergrad, books lying around that I'll never read again, clothes in my closet I haven't worn in years, things in the kitchen that are stale-dated and haven't been opened/used in years, or equipment I don't need...

So that's what's on the slate for the next few weeks, with breaks for knitting and spinning, of course. I'm all gung-ho to get things out of here (not the stash, though - sorry, that stays), and the remainder organized and cleaned. Made a good start already - after having a quick rummage through the dresser and closet, I've got a big garbage bag half full of clothes to give away.

Oh, and on the fiber front - Knit Picks Under 100 collection is out. I've got a pattern in it - the Candy Stripes Fingerless Mitts below - and another Amanda from Ottawa has a pattern in too, which is pretty cool!

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