Thursday, 16 January 2014

Pasta and Parterres

I have found a new use for my wooden clothes-dryer.

It makes a great rack to hang fresh noodles on. This is the remains of my first batch of pasta from my new toy (the pasta-maker I got for Christmas), and it made a very tasty supper. How luxe is that - fresh pasta is going to be the norm around here from now on!

And on the perils of combining two interests...I've been reading a lovely book about estate gardens in the US between roughly 1890 and 1940, and a lot of the formal gardens have parterres - variously shaped flower beds, often edged with green low stuff like boxwood and filled with plants, like this:

And at the same time, I'm working on another hat - a reverse engineer of a Finnish pattern in the slip-stitch and stripe technique I've been seeing and wanting to try.

But now I've got the idea, the outlined shapes are making me think of parterres, and I can just about see designing something with a knit version of an outlined parterre garden using this slipstitch patterning. I think it could be fun...

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