Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Parenting the Cat

I wasn't expecting to be back at the parents' so soon. But here I am for a couple days, because of the cat. Julia was having trouble eating and drinking, her breath smelled, she was drooling a bit, and not as perky as usual. To me that was suggesting infection in her mouth or throat, but I couldn't find anything obvious. Yet there was clearly something up, and it was worrying me to see her sit around, and not wanting anything.

Our vet, who is excellent at diagnostics, and relatively inexpensive, is out here. So I got an appointment for yesterday morning, and spent the day before the appointment fretting over Julia. As a parent, I get way too concerned, always imagining the worst-case scenarios. It's probably a good thing I've only the one cat to be concerned with. As it was, I will admit I lost sleep, and had a hard time concentrating on my knitting, let alone anything that needed thinking...

Vet couldn't find a danged thing on examination except a baby tooth that hadn't come out yet (Julia's 7) so thought that might have been fretting her or getting infected, and took it out. And lo and behold, while they had her knocked out for that, they found an ulcer under her tongue. That would explain quite nicely the issues with drinking, which seemed a bit odd for a tooth to cause.

So now she is back here, nicely perked up, being pampered, starting to eat and drink more already, and enjoying the sunlight. And I can (happily) settle back to normal and concentrate on things again.

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