Friday, 14 February 2014

The More It Snows, Tiddley-pom

Has anyone noticed that it's a tad snowy this morning? Seems like it's a pretty big system, a lot of the eastern side of the continent is pretty snowy right now.

It looks like we had a foot overnight, and it's still coming down pretty good. The birdbath and the fences here at the parents' are getting pretty close to buried, and the car was up to its fenders this morning - it was clean yesterday.

I'm very glad the important stuff got done yesterday - drop off knits for Johanne, dentist appointment for me, and vet for the cat. Julia still wasn't eating, so we took her back for a check-up, and now she's got some different antibiotic for the ulcer, and cortisol pills, and soft convalescent food I basically have to force feed her with a syringe...needless to say she is not happy with me, but she lost close to a pound between the two vet visits, and she needs something!

We'll try to venture out later today for a few errands, but for the morning, the plan is to help Mom warp the loom, and watch the birds at the feeder in this wintry wonderland.

Finished my first project for the Ravellenics last night, a baby sweater with alpacas on the yoke. Hopefully delivering that later today as one of the errands. This pattern is getting referred to as the Noah's Ark sweater from now on - the original had sheep, but now I've done it with horses, and elephants, and alpacas...wonder how many versions it will eventually go through!

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