Saturday, 17 May 2014

Yes, There Is Knitting

Life definitely feels like it's been all about the gardening - personal and work - the last month or so. And the days are long enough that my practical knitting time is pretty much the same as my bus time, plus some time on weekends, or evenings if I'm not nodding off over my tea. You will have to forgive the widely-spaced blog entries for the summer; my daily internet time on workdays is just about long enough to read e-mail and check the weather. But there is knitting going on, if rather more slowly than I'm used to.

I had a pair of navy socks for the boyfriend of the girl I was tutoring. Size 13. They're done and delivered.

Then I went back to knitting for Johanne's stock. She had some new colours in the last batch, and I fell in love with a silver-grey fingering in 80/20 alpaca and wool. There is now a pair of gloves done in that, with little 2-stitch cables up the back of the hand, and I'm working on a crescent-shaped shawl with a lace border in the same yarn.

I'm really loving the crescent shawls right now, and other shawls that are shallower proportions than the standard triangle, so I suspect I will be playing with more of them. The border on this one is a bit of a modified version of one of the lace patterns in Barbara Walker's Second Treasury - one repeat plus part of a second, with decreases in the last couple rows of lace to start the shaping.

I do have to get out and garden tomorrow (ye gads, the weeds are popping up fast!), but it's a bit cool today, and I have a four-day weekend, thanks to the combination of a rainy Friday and a holiday Monday, so I decided today is for the fibre projects. Maybe by Monday, I will have the finished shawl to show off before I drop into the oblivion of another work week.

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