Sunday, 27 April 2014

Busman's Holiday

So...a week into my new job. 5 days and a bit actually, since we worked for a few hours on Saturday. It's mostly fun - I'm liking it, despite the part where I have to get up before 5am. Get to see all sorts of gardens while we're out doing spring clean-up on them, and a fair handful of wildlife to boot. There's been a pair of ducks swimming in someone's pool, a curious robin who hung out to watch us, and several dogs either in the house we were at or at a neighbour's. Of course there are the drawbacks, like the rain all day Tuesday, and the very dead rabbit I found in a heap of fallen leaves at one garden.

And there's the learning curve. Not as much about gardening at this point (although I am picking up a few tricks from my supervisor) as the associated stuff. Here's me, coming in with about 10 minutes total experience ever with a cell phone, some ancient experience in city driving, and no experience at all with a pick-up truck - and a week in they've got me driving myself around the city in a truck, and using a Blackberry to text and call. I tell you, if I was into drinking, this week would have been the time to do it. I did go through a bag of chips in reaction, but so far so good - I've managed to recover when I missed my turn-off on a large road a couple of times, and haven't injured any people or property that I know of, even if I did scare a few.

And with a day off finally, what did I do? Finished the spring clean-up at my apartment's gardens, natch. Edged the beds, turned the compost and spread the finished stuff, weeded, and bundled a whack of prunings to go out with the yard waste. (Whoever prunes around here just leaves everything where it falls, and it drives me nuts). Indoors, most of the little seedlings I've started are coming along well, and I'm looking forward to planting things out later on - tomatoes and lettuce, sunset runner beans and cucs, and maybe a daylily from the seeds one of mine produced last fall. It's nice to be looking forward to summer.

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