Saturday, 12 July 2014

Comfort Fibre

It is Saturday, and I'm so glad. It hasn't been one of my best weeks at work, and finished with a major screw-up Friday afternoon, and a migraine triggered by sun and stress. Suffice it to say I went to get changed out of my work gear when I came home, and unconsciously started getting PJs out rather than pants - apparently my brain just wanted the day to be over already.

So I snuggled on the couch with a movie, had chips and only chips for supper, wound wool, and started a shawl. Serious fibre therapy needed this weekend, especially since the cat is still at the parents' - she was potentially supposed to get returned today, but looks like she's been avoiding capture again. So I figure I will see her next weekend - going down to the parents' and bringing stuff to sell at the local Corn Festival's craft sale.

The socks I was working on are done and blocking, so the shawl is my new knitting project. Onion and indigo-dyed lace weight wool, planning a triangle with gold accent stripes on a green body, and a lace edge.

I have the grey Jacob skeins finished from my Tour de Fleece spinning, and washed them along with 10 other skeins of handspun, last night.

During the week, though, I only got a little tiny bit more spinning done, of the Rideau Arcott from my cousins.

And I should be working on that, but I really want a wee break from the undyed stuff. So I broke out a braid of cochineal and onion merino roving dyed a while back -

And got about a quarter of it spun and navaho-plied this morning. Man, the spinning goes so much faster when you don't have to stop and pick out bits of hay and nupps all the time!

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