Sunday, 13 July 2014


The prodigal cat is home :) The rain today drove her indoors, and she got caught and shipped back. She's happy to be back though- couldn't decide what she wanted to do or check out first, so she shuttled between rooms and food and water and milk and treats for a while, snuggled on the couch with me for purrs and belly rubs, and is now sleeping and content on her favorite chair.

And I've got startitis. Got two stripes done on the green and gold shawl, thought maybe a pair of mittens would be better to get done this week for the sale, swatched and started a pair in DK wool, then changed my mind again and decided that a pair of mittens in handspun might be nicer, so dug out some white and indigo-dyed alpaca handspun and started those. Motifs semi-inspired from some Sami ones I've seen.

I've been weighing the yarn as I go, though, and I think I'll have just enough...fingers crossed...if the first mitten shows I'm screwed, then at least I can always fall back on one of my other startitis projects!

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