Sunday, 14 December 2014


I'm supposed to be writing Christmas cards this weekend, so I can get them stamped and mailed today and they can be on their way tomorrow morning.

Finally got a few done this morning, but I don't know, I just haven't been able to get into it. On the other hand, plenty of things are getting done while I'm procrastinating on the cards...
The first of the two vests for a family friend's grandsons is done and blocked. I don't know the size of the second kid yet, or that would be started too.

I ripped the top off a hat I decided was too tall, and reknit that. That and the gloves I finished before got blocked at the same time as the vest. And since I need a little something to knit while I'm waiting for info on the next couple projects, I cast on for toe-up socks for me, in the Fleece Artist sock yarn I bought at Rhinebeck.

And yesterday while I was dithering about, I not only baked biscuits, but I did some spinning. 80/20 merino/silk I dyed a couple years back, now all spun and plied. Not sure about the colours though - it may get over-dyed.

Finishing that plying was a job. I got to about the halfway point, thought I would be able to fit it all on the bobbin, but found later that I couldn't. At that point there wasn't enough left to make starting a new bobbin worth it, though. Wound the plied yarn on manually until I got to the end of one bobbin of singles, then moved my bobbin of plied to the kate, wound the remaining singles as a center-pull ball, and used the energy from the singles to do the plying - just  unwound a length at a time, then let the ball act as the spindle, as it were, dangling and spinning, until each length was done, and could be wound on the bobbin. Worked a treat, but next time I will listen to the voice in my head that says it won't all fit on the bobbin.


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