Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas Prep 2.0

Two weeks until Christmas knitting is done (well, it was only one pair of gloves, really).

Gaby's pile of fingerless mitts is done.

Two little vests to make left, for grandsons of a friend of my mother's, but that will go fast - plain knit mostly, with a train for one boy and a cow for the other to duplicate stitch after.

No snow yet at the parents' (although with the system coming through I imagine that will change today), but Mom and I devoted Monday to baking, with a break for tree-hunting. Because these are trees Dad planted but we don't trim or anything, they're far less symmetrical and dense than commercial ones, and it's always a job to hunt one out that looks like it'll have enough tips for the ornaments. Since we're not cutting it until we need it in a week or so, we tied cloth strips on to mark it.

The current crop of trees are taller than needed, so we usually cut partway up the trunk, leaving several rings of branches. (This year's will probably get cut in a gap about 2 rings above our ties). Another branch will take over as the new leader/trunk, and in a few years it will be on its way to looking like a tree again.

While we were out we also took a feedbag and pruners, and I got some greens cut for decoration at the apartment - white pine and cedar, red osier and stems of berries from a big 'Red Tears' berberis which had lots of berries this year. They are now occupying vases and jugs and various nooks, and the place smells like Christmas.

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