Monday, 2 February 2015

Winter Doings

Groundhog day, and sufficiently overcast and snowy that I doubt any groundhogs around here managed to see their shadow. Heck, you'd probably have to shovel out their holes before they could come up.

However, groundhog or no groundhog, February means that winter's half over, and it's all downhill from here. The days are getting noticeably longer, even if sundown still sneaks up quickly each day.

Out to Chantal's for a the-tricot aka a knitting get-together this past week. I had to take a picture of the rug she's been working on to show off. It was done on her floor loom, but reminds me of the Saori weaving I've seen people do, and it was woven with rag strips in tapestry, based on the landscape sketch at the top of the rug. Just, you know, kind of a neat idea.

And I'm officially done the second pair of the cousins' socks, and started on the third and last (and shortest) pair. Pair 2 is a little big on me, but still looks better on me than flat out for pictures.

When pair 3 is done, I have to clear my wheel to do some spinning for the Ranch as well as some knitting to restock there. I will have to try and sneak some sewing in along with, or the quilt top Mom and I were planning to finish this winter will get left behind yet again...sigh...5 months off work over winter and still not enough time to do everything!

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