Thursday, 22 January 2015

Baking, Blocking, Etc.

Winter hibernation means Her Highness is taking over my duvet. I don't always get to sleep under it, because you can't disturb a cat that comfortable. At least, I can't.

To be fair, this time she took over while I was busy blocking the christening dress (so, obviously not using the duvet, right?) Steam-blocking for the method of choice again, and it went quick and easy, laying the dress out on the ironing board. There's always a little twinge of concern than I might scorch or melt the knitting (which would be super obvious on a white lace dress), but so far so good, and now that is folded up ready to deliver.

I'm being sociable again tonight, going to visit friends in the wilds of Gatineau. I promised to bring dessert, so last night I made mint snowballs.

Tasty little things, shortbread-y with mint flavouring in dough and icing, and topped with coconut. Been a while since I've had them, don't know why I waited so long. And now I'm thinking, we've always made them with mint, but I bet other flavours would be good too. Citrus, or cherry, or chocolate...

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