Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Fair-ly Quick Knitting Week

The second of the two fall fairs I usually enter handwork and stuff in is two weeks from next weekend. However, because of the way my schedule's working out, I have to have my entries for it done by next Monday. That means that in addition to finishing the second piece of Jen's sweater, I am aiming for the following:
-Do the foot of my second Pamina sock. I actually think this pic is still the first sock, but I have the leg almost done of the second. They got pushed aside in favor of baby things - and they require a graph, so not the best take-along knitting project.

-Make sure my tatted lace is at least a meter long. That, fortunately, is an excellent travel project.

-Finish my crocheted lace edging.
-Maybe knit a pair of child's socks or mitts.

Yeah, so who wants to bet I'll be spending the week on the couch, working like mad?

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