Thursday, 4 August 2011

Tour de Fleece Loose Ends - Plied!

I finally got around to finishing the spinning and plying up the challenge fiber I was working on during the Tour de Fleece. Result: two lustrous skeins of fine yarn.

Of course the big question is how much is there? Count wraps, weigh skeins, measure skeins, do a bit of math - on paper since I couldn't find a calculator. Assuming both my brain and the scale are functioning correctly, the totals are as follows:

Weight: 107.5 g total. I thought it was supposed to be more, but that does explain quite nicely the problems I had earlier with dividing the roving.

Measurements: 64"/163 cm skeins, 151 rounds in one and 164 in the other.

Total meterage: 513 m

Now to do a bit of hunting to figure out how big a lace stole I can get out of it, and I can start swatching. After I finish Jen's sweater, of course. Maybe. This stuff is going to sit there tempting me, though.

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