Thursday, 11 August 2011

Souvenirs For Every Taste

Mom just got back from a tour through Ile D'Orleans and the Maritimes, a 10 day road trip she was making with a friend. So I got to see the pictures, and the souvenirs she'd picked up this past weekend. None of the tourist kitsch for our family. She came home with a half-dozen of antique baskets, some interesting rocks for the garden, some of the red dirt from PEI to use for dyeing cloth, which they were doing there, and some wool from a farm they stopped at - two skeins of yarn for her, and a bag of colored fiber samples for me, for felting or spinning. They still smell sheepy, too!

During the growing season, when I visit the parents', I often take back a bouquet of flowers from the gardens for myself, as I don't have as many flowers here, and I prefer to leave most of them for the rest of the tenants to enjoy seeing. Julia has decided that the hakone grass I put in this week's bouquet is a souvenir more to her taste - you can see that the blades have been clipped short on one side, where they were draping gracefully!

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