Thursday, 1 December 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise

Saturday I got to spend the day spinning at a craft fair, and then headed for the parents' for a few days, with the lovely thought that I didn't have to be back to go to work on Monday. Spent a few days just living the good life. Not that we didn't get things done, though!

There was laundry, and taking the dog for a walk (otherwise he would sleep by the fire all day). We chopped the fruit for the fruitcake - sure sign of the Christmas season.

The next day we got the brandy-soaking and the baking done, and there are now some mini-fruitcakes in my fridge.

Mom and I both finished knitting projects. I finally got my blue sweater in handspun polished off, and she finished a Christmas stocking for the dog of a little girl we know (she had been fascinated by the fact that we have stockings for all the animals as well as the people in the family).

Dad cut some trees that needed to go, Mom mulched the gardens, and did some weaving, I picked a chicken carcass and made soup, and worked on the next project - crochet this time, and started writing another pattern I want to get out soon. The chickens wandered about the yard looking for snacks and gossiping. And the cats went in and out and in and out despite the damp weather, and left noticeable traces of their presence in the mud and beggars' lice on my bed cover (the cover is there for a reason) and the steadily shrinking bag of cat treats.

Life doesn't get much better, as far as I'm concerned.

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