Saturday, 17 December 2011

Time To Quit When...

Only a couple days left until I head to the parents' for Christmas. I've been knitting on the scarf I want finished and blocked before then, and I figure it's about 80% done. Sadly, even lace gets boring, it seems, and I started packing clothes and fiber projects for the holidays whenever I started to nod off over the knitting.

I was planning to stay up a bit later and work some more. However, I'm not only nodding off, I'm starting to get dream fragments or something. You know how sometimes you wake up from a dream and think, 'Wow, that was weird. Where did that come from?'... I was knitting along, and suddenly woke up from a brief nod with this phrase in my head: 'He seems to be under the impression that watermelons come in herds.'

No idea where that came from. But the brain that could produce that should probably not be trusted with lace anymore tonight.

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