Friday, 13 April 2012

Conditioned Response - Fail

I spent most of Wednesday afternoon and evening running a lifeline in the shawl I'm knitting, so I could rip back and fix the spot where I had dropped a few stitches and couldn't straighten it out.

It was all the moth's fault. And he/she didn't even go near the shawl.

What happened was that Wednesday after lunch, I was knitting while I had my cup of tea. And in the middle of a row, I saw a moth fly nearby. It was the size and color of a wool moth, so I did what I always do - jump up and try to smack  it.

My knitting fell out of my lap. And when I retrieved it, I had a spot in the middle where a stitch or two had fallen off the needles and unraveled themselves 3 or 4 rows down. It was in something like trinity stitch, where on the right side rows, at every stitch you are either increasing from 1 to 3 stitches, or knitting 3 together. I tried for 10 minutes, but couldn't get the dropped stitches picked up so as to repair the spot neatly. So, the lifeline. First one I've ever needed to do. And then pick up all the stitches, slowly, noting that I'd managed to run the lifeline through the lace yarn in places, and had to carefully pull it out of there every few stitches too. The shawl is now back on track.

Next time, though, I'm not going to miss the danged moth.

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