Monday, 23 April 2012

Sing a Rainbow

It's unseasonally white outside this morning. I know it's not abnormal for us to get snow in April, but it was still a bit of a shock to wake up this morning with the radio cautioning people that the traffic was slow because of the snow. I expect it was more of a shock for the tulips and daffodils, though.

Inside, however, it's a bit more hospitable - and colorful. The daffodils I picked yesterday look cheerful in their vase, and are scenting half the apartment. The other half of the apartment, by contrast, smells like sulfur - a side effect of the indigo-dyed yarn and roving drying in the bedroom and bathroom. I don't mind the smell, since they look so pretty - navy and sapphire and teal and lime and mint.

The weekend's dyeing went quite well, and if I didn't get a few of the shades I wanted, I succeeded in getting both a crimson/rose range with the cochineal, and real dark blues with the indigo, both things I've had trouble with before. All the non-indigo things are dried and sorted, and getting ready for Saturday.

Dang, I love my dyepots. And here's hoping people love the results as much as I do.

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  1. Amanda they are beautiful! What a range of colours, wow! I'm still tinkering with food colouring, and booby-trapping cupboards with onion peels for when I finally get around to natural dying. You've got such a glorious collection, good luck for Saturday!