Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I got the snowdrop shawl I was working on blocked last night, and this morning it was dry and ready to go.

That kills three or four birds with one stone, as far as I'm concerned. I've removed 700 yards of laceweight from my stash, finished a project which can count for both the lace and destash KALs going on in our group, produced a sample of my pattern I can use to show people, since the original is still off at Storey for their contest, and have a finished item I can sell at one of the craft fairs, perhaps.

The only thing I'm still a little dubious about is the color. I may throw it in a dyebath to tone it down at some point. It's a nice gold, and it certainly makes a statement, but I suspect it's a hard color to wear for most people, including me. The remaining skein of the same yarn in stash is definitely going to get overdyed as well, probably to a green or brown.

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