Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hunkering Down

The weather report for the next couple days is predicting scary hot, humid stuff. So I've been planning to not cook or go outside those days more than necessary. There's a quiche and a pasta salad in the fridge, and the week's errands are done. Of course, there's no guarantee the heat will actually show up - so far today it's overcast, and cooler even than the predicted low for the day.

Mostly this week I've been trying to catch up, get ready for upcoming events. My planned dyeing sessions are coming up in a week or so, as well as Tour de Fleece. That means that I've been carding and spinning, to get enough done of my cousins' fine wool to be ready to dye it for a baby sweater before I start my Tour spinning. 2 skeins done so far, about 240 yards of 3-ply, DK/worsted. So nice and soft, even if the carding is getting tedious.

I pulled out some of the yarn I dyed for kits, and knit a tam, just to prove to myself that I had calculated correctly. That worked out fine, so now I'm doing the same for a pair of gloves. There has been a lot of knit-outs in the past week, and I've been feeling it's more important to get those things done than to bring projects that are for me.

And I've been knitting more eggs, in bits and pieces, in prep for the craft show in July (as well as samples for later shows).

Cute, but between that and the kit testing, it feels so much like reruns that I haven't bothered to put them up on Ravelry. Plus my page is missing the two projects currently out as submissions to places, so I feel like I'm not showing a lot for the amount of work going on. Ah, well, it'll catch up eventually.

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