Friday, 1 June 2012

The Sock Report

I mentioned a while back I was doing a test-knit for someone with the yarn I picked up at the fabric flea market (the teal and cream at lower left.)

It was a stealth thing - post no pictures, write no blog posts, until you get the go-ahead. Awfully hard, when you want to show off and go, "Hey, look! These are really neat!" and can't. But they've got the new publication up now, and the testers got the go-ahead last night to show off our stuff. I got to test these - Wanderlust socks by Friederike Erbslein.

They were cute and fun and I'm only sorry that the pattern was written for someone with blunter toes than I have, since I'd have to rewrite the toe to make them fit me right. But they're comfy, so I'm sure I can find someone who'll appreciate them.

The publication is called "The Sock Report", this is volume 1, and the link is here. Not all socks, but rather things made with sock yarn. I had a look at it, and there are several things in there I'd knit, for sure. So I'm really excited that all the testers get a copy of it as a thank you. I think I know where I'm getting some of my Christmas knitting ideas this year...  

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