Thursday, 7 June 2012

Long Rows and Short

I'm giving my hands a change of pace for a bit before supper. Been knitting all day, and only an inch of garter stitch to show for it. Although, to be fair, the rows are over 5 feet long.

It's a new design idea I'm working out for a competition KnitPicks is having. Only it now looks nothing like my initial idea. I still like that idea, which was a shawl with short-row patterning, but it was refusing to come together. Horribly annoying, really. The yarn started to get fuzzy after ripping out half a dozen times, and the deadline is next week, so I decided a complete change was in order, for both my sake and the yarn's. I now have a scarf on the needles, and I like the way it's going, and I think I will have just enough yarn to finish it. But yeah, it's knitted in garter stitch, and sideways. 400 stitches in laceweight per row. There are 37 rows left, plus some short-row stuff. I wanted to get done tonight, if only because tomorrow is the weekly spin-in-the-park, and the river would have been a perfect place to take pictures. But judging from my speed today, I've got a good day or two left to go. So now the goal is pictures Sunday, out at the parents', and plenty of time to send the entry next week - which happens to coincide with WWKIP, World-Wide Knit in Public week.

Then it'll be time to tackle some spinning, leading up to the Tour de Fleece.

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