Thursday, 21 March 2013

Spring Inside

You wouldn't know it to look outside, but it's officially spring.

Admittedly, the snow is better for the plants and things than the 25 C temperatures we had last year...but I've about reached the point where the snow can leave anytime it wants to.

Glad there's a contrast between indoors and out, though. Plenty of colour to be seen. Even a bit of fibre in pretty colours, since I've started spinning the silk/merino roving I bought at Rhinebeck.

And as for's been busy! On top of three quizzes and a couple assignments due, we had two guest speakers this week. Nick from The Pond Clinic today, teaching us about designing and building water features, and with some crazy footage of his swimming pond at home. Can you beat that? Imagine a pool in your backyard with a waterfall, and a whole ecosystem - plants and frogs and fish -and potable water! Yesterday's speaker was hardly less interesting, either. We had Dr. Alan Darlington of Nedlaw, who designs and builds living walls. I think at least three of theirs are in Ottawa, including the multi-storey ones at UOttawa and Algonquin.

We're thinking of spring in the woodshop, building a vegetable cart/rickshaw kind of thing. It will be for a little market stand for our surplus produce this summer at school. And of course the Spring Show opens tonight, so the displays have been blooming into a finished state. A watering can fountain and a seriously cool chair in the front entry:

A hobbit hole in the show house:

And even a patio surrounded by flowers and a vegetable garden complete with rabbits (mossy green ones) tucked in the back:

I'm almost sorry to miss the opening night, but with a quiz tomorrow morning, this is the last of my fun time for the evening. Supper and then studying for me.

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