Monday, 4 March 2013

Lots of New Stuff

Nice to have survived last week. Everything got done that needed doing - hopefully in a creditable manner! Seeing that some of my classmates had tales of staying up until the wee hours Wednesday to finish the project and study for the midterm we had Thursday morning - after fighting to get home in the  snow Wednesday - I feel I did pretty good there, since I went to bed at midnight.

After finishing class and job interview Friday, I headed for the country to recharge over the weekend. Mom and I stopped in to Value Village on the way home, and I found some books on gardening to add to my collection, and some definitely vintage fingering wool.

One of the books we found that I don't have a picture of is a fascinating one, titled "The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady". It's a facsimile edition of someone's actual journal from 1906, in Warwickshire, England. Filled with a whole year's worth of lovely notes on which flowers are blooming, and what she sees in her travels, quotes from favorite poets - and the most amazing watercolour illustrations of the flowers and birds and insects.

Saturday was errands - drop off the last month's knitting at Johanne's (she and Chantal were very happy with everything), and start another pair of mitts for them.

Then a quick visit to a friend's mother, who had a gift from her daughter in New Zealand to give to me. (Lovely bale of local alpaca roving - thank you, Sara!) Topped off the afternoon with a stop at the organic bakery to pick up a couple loaves of bread and the news - a lovely finish.

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