Friday, 4 April 2014

In the Garden

As far as I'm concerned, the garden season officially opened yesterday. I planted a window-box full of Japanese indigo seeds, and managed to fit it on the actual windowsill, in-between the rest of the pots of Mom's cuttings of coleus and iresine.

Then I went outside and cleaned up a bunch of the dead stuff in the garden that I never got around to last fall. The snow has retreated from the west and south sides of the building, even if it will be a while before I see some of the other beds, and it was a lovely afternoon. I even had to take off my coat after a few minutes, which hasn't happened in, oh, 6 months!

And voila, there are things growing! Even if the snow hasn't retreated far yet, all the bulbs and things are eager to get going as soon as possible. The chives are up. The daffodils are up. There are little points of crocuses coming through.

There are clusters of red-tinged tulip leaves.

And the brighter red buds of rhubarb are breaking the ground as the snow retreats.

No doubt about it now, winter is over!

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