Thursday, 6 November 2014

Backlog - Knitting

Before I forget - the Birkeland Brothers woollen mill I mentioned supporting a couple posts back? They got their target money and more, largely thanks to Ravelers by the looks of it. And now I have 5 lbs of carded lambswool coming from them this month sometime...which is one really good reason I didn't buy any fleece for myself at Rhinebeck. Planning to spin lots of skeins to natural-dye next season.

Right now, though, it'll be knitting until after Christmas. Did I tell you about Joan? Lovely lady, who I've taught in spinning and dyeing classes. She had a few knitting projects on the needles that she KNEW she would never get round to finishing, but she really wanted them finished, so she commissioned me to do them. Starting with a sweater for her daughter, cast on 2010, which she wanted for her birthday in early November. I got that one started ASAP, steam-blocked the pieces the night before I left town for Rhinebeck, and spent Friday and Saturday evenings and driving time knitting the hood and sewing it all up. Chantal modeled it for me in the hotel room so I could send pics to Joan, and the sweater (and a mitten I knitted Sunday to finish another commission) were dropped off for delivery.
It's Paton's Hooded Pullover, if you're curious.

Between Rhinebeck and the end of the month got reserved for Guild Ex and Sale knitting. Not that I got a huge amount done. But I reckon a hat and mittens and fingerless mitts is decent for two weeks when there's a job involved also.

The Ex and Sale went off really well, and now I'm back on commission knitting...Joan's remaining projects (2 pair of socks and 2-3 of mittens) for starters, which are to be Christmas gifts. Then a pile someone ordered through Johanne at the ranch - also for Christmas - which I will pick up the supplies and info for this weekend. And two pair of fingerless mitts ordered by a former classmate (thankfully quick knitting and not for a Christmas deadline). Any holiday knitting of my own may be a little late getting done, and no way I'm getting to do the NaKniSweMo KAL I had considered.

I'm happy to have the extra work, especially in the off-season - but first thing I cast on in January is dang well going to be something for me, and preferably with one of the new skeins from Rhinebeck! Because the last thing I knit for me? Was the Alpha Socks I finished last February.

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