Friday, 21 November 2014

Progress Report

Feels like I've been really productive the last few days. This morning I got the last of my gorgeous red and purple silk/wool roving from Rhinebeck 2012 spun, plied and off the wheel. (Needed the wheel freed up for some other spinning I want to do this week, that was a good motivation.)

Two skeins of that, roughly fingering-weight, and it will probably become a shawl or scarf for me. Something super-simple, I think, just to show off the yarn.

Yesterday I sat myself down and said I wasn't allowed to work on my sweater until I finished at least the first mitt for a pair I'm making Gaby, who was one of my classmates and a definite fan of my work.

She fell in love with the Winter Twilight mitts I made for myself, with a red sky; the sky in these is a purple sock yarn from our local Riverside Studios (katdry on Rav), which I bought a few years ago and hadn't gotten around to using yet. I'll see Gaby Sunday, so I thought it would be nice to have them done by then.

And I did end up having time to knit on my sweater, the more so because I was on the phone with my mother last night, so that was a nice chunk of knitting time. I'm at about 12", finished the waist shaping, and about 3" to go before splitting for the armholes. That seems like it's on track to finish in November...

She said there was no new information yet about the Dog, except presumably the Week-enders still have her; but she was going to visit the Baker today and find out if there was any news...

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