Wednesday, 19 November 2014

NaKniSweMo - The Fast Version

I was thinking I had no shot at knitting anything for myself before, say, January, because I had a list of commissions to do before Christmas, and possibly a few lined up afterwards.

However, lopi wool and 5mm needles means projects go pretty fast, especially when there's none of this other job stuff going on. As of yesterday, all the things which had to be done before Christmas are done, and there are 3 pairs of mittens, a hat, and a scarf drying in the bathroom.

There are still things on the to-do list, I admit. Two pair of fingerless gloves for Gaby (but they'll go fast, and they're not for Christmas presents), gloves for my friend Jen (but I won't see her until after Christmas; she only gets into town Christmas day), another pair of fingerless gloves I have to spin yarn for, but I have to finish what's on the wheel, and card the wool before I can even start spinning.

I started one of the pairs of fingerless gloves for Gaby, but I kept looking at the lovely tweedy skeins of Irish wool Jen brought me the other year, and which I had been planning on using for doing the local NaKniSweMo (National Knit a Sweater in a Month) KAL this month.

It smells properly nice and sheep-y too, and I think that the extra sniff at the yarn was what did it. I said screw it to the other projects, and sat down to hunt Rav for a sweater I liked that was within my yarn budget of 900 yards. One cup of cocoa later, I was casting on for Tweedy Dan. I like cables with the Irish tweeded yarn, and the finished projects on Rav look good.

I know, there's only a dozen days of the month left (well, 11 now). But I'm going to try anyway, and see if I can get myself a sweater by December. About 4" and over 3400 stitches done so far...

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