Friday, 12 February 2016

New Word and New Project

Staying inside hunkered down and knitting rather than going out in the cold? We now have a word for that. The husband of someone on Ravelry described her as 'hiberknitting'. I like it. 

This morning I carded the rest of the white wool I'm working on - 2 skeins' worth, which means I should be done tomorrow, since my target is 1 skein per day. 

The rest of my projects, I'm feeling a little less enthusiastic about, it seems. I settled down after supper last night to do some work on the shawl in progress, and did a few rows, but it really wasn't holding me. The rows are getting long, and there are no real changes to the 4-row repeat until I get to the border.

I didn't want to work on my cross-stitch. I didn't want to sew on the quilt square. I didn't want to get into picking or carding. All this work to do and nothing I wanted to do. Really, rather ridiculous. Something new and exciting was clearly indicated. And it's been over a year since I knit anything for me. So I pulled out the skein of sock yarn I bought at Rhinebeck 2014 from Hudson Valley Sheep And Wool Company, rolled it into a ball, and surfed on Ravelry for a bit. I'm going to make me a pair of Hypnosis socks. 

But I think I will do toe-up instead of top-down, and make them a bit longer in the leg. That should keep me entertained for a while!


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