Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Last week I found, all of a sudden, ants hanging out in my kitchen and dining room. It’s very strange, as I’ve lived in the same place for the last 7 years and not had any problems with them before. But they are getting in the cat’s food bowl, and in the cupboard, and I really don’t appreciate it.

I spent time this weekend looking up possible remedies that do not involve buying poison or traps. Borax, pepper, and lemon juice were all suggested. So far, the pepper has had only a minimal effect, and it’s hard to tell with the borax. Plus I have to be careful with that, as I don’t think it would be good for Julia to ingest. But I’ve blown some around the baseboards where I saw them, and put some in the cupboard after taking everything out and cleaning. If that doesn’t work, maybe I’ll buy a few lemons tomorrow.

 In more cheerful news, the warm weekend brought out lots of flowers. My daffodils and pulmonaria and wood hyacinths are all out in front, and I saw violets and more tulips out on my walk yesterday. No pictures today, though - it rained most of yesterday. Wettest April on record here, they say, and we've still got a few days of the month to go. 

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  1. Hi Amanda!
    I have ants too! For the first time! In a third floor apartment in the Glebe - and I've lived in the same place for years. Is there an infestation this year?