Thursday, 21 April 2011

Well-timed Surprises

So Tuesday night I get a call from my friend Shona who I thought was in London, England. Nope, she's here over a school break (she's a teacher) and did I have time to visit the next day? Um, yeah!
It was a wicked nasty day yesterday, rain and wind and just above freezing, not the best day to haul out for a 9am job interview. However, after surviving that and getting home and changing into dry clothes, I got to go out for lunch/brunch with Shona and a friend of hers, and go shopping for the afternoon (I acquired a book and some yarn. Go figure.) Doubly nice, because we had a car. Not sure you would have gotten me out if it required bussing in that weather.

Get home, make supper, settle down to watch Idol - and get a phone call from my friend Jen, who lives in Toronto. She was down here for Easter weekend, and she popped over right then and there for a chat, and this aft we're going out for dessert, in honour of our birthdays (hers was last month, but I didn't see her then). So double thrill, I get to unexpectedly visit with two people I see only rarely, in the space of a day!

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