Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Ants, the Eggs, and the Fleece

Not the subjects of a Salvador Dali painting, but the things which have been occupying me in the last few days.

I got the notification that my knit Pysanky pattern was accepted by KnitPicks IDP program, and they wanted the samples for pictures. So those are shipped off, the pattern finalized and sent, and I also got the pattern posted on Ravelry. One thing down.

It took until Tuesday to get all the fleece dry. The Romney fleece has been picked and carded, and a skein spun and plied. The rest of the carded Romney will wait - today I'm concentrating on the Border Leicester. After all, the point is to have a sample of each spun for the deadline. And tomorrow is Fleece Spa, so I know there will be spinning time, but I would like to confine the mess of picking to my place. A great mindless task to do while watching a movie or two.

And the ants. Same ones as last year. Must be Spring. Found them yesterday. I know now that it's the cat food they really seem to go for, so hopefully this bout will be minimal. I vacuumed the areas, squashed all the ants I could find, washed the floors, boraxed the cracks under the molding where they seem to come in, and put Julia's food dish inside a larger, wider dish. She always manages to scatter food outside of her dish, so if this keeps it off the floor, that should discourage the ants. I will just have to keep patrolling the areas for a while, and make sure I keep up with the cleaning (horrible thought).

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