Saturday, 10 March 2012

Winter or Spring?

March thus far appears to be a very indecisive month. Or possibly manic-depressive. Little more than a week in, and we have had temps ranging from 12 to -12 C, enough snow to replace most of what melted in February's false start to spring, and enough warmth and rain to melt that off again and start the bulbs and rhubarb growing (No, seriously. Coulda knocked me over. Green and red shoots in the garden and here it's not even mid-March.) And then snow again. It's getting so you don't know what to wear until you step outside and check.

Inside, I've been on the usual round. One front of the baby jacket is done. The Challenge shawl still has no name, but I'm past the halfway mark. The pysanky are officially in testing, as of tonight. And the llama/wool blend I was spinning is done and plied. It came out at 797 yards in 195 grams, best I can tell. Slightly thicker than laceweight and soft and lofty.

The new project on the wheel now is some teal blue English wool roving that a friend destashed to me a couple years back. It's a lovely color, but a bit of a challenge - very easy to spin, but a bit slippery, in that if it's not well twisted, or if it gets too much force on the singles, it just shreds apart. Not normally an issue with wool, that. I was going to do a 3-ply with it, but after trying Navaho plying it and having it pull apart a few times while pulling up the next loop, I quit and switched to 2 ply. Less strain on me and the wool both, and I think it'll be OK once plied - the 3-ply sample is good, anyway.

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